Sunday, May 30, 2004

We have a visitor

On our way home from purchasing bread and chinese takeaway we were attacked by a wee prancing purring kitty.

The wee prancing purring kitty followed us home.

The wee prancing purring kitty pushed it's way in the front door.

The wee prancing purring kitty appears to have made itself at home on my shoulder.

nice kitty.

we should go and find out where kitty lives, but it is getting dark and the girls are eating dinner... someone may be frantically searching for their cute wee prancing purring kitty, which makes me feel guilty... I think kitty will be staying here tonight!

Edit (8:35pm): After dinner we went for a walk to try and find kitty's family but hardly anyone at that end of the street was home and those who were home did not know kitty. I don't even know if kitty came from our street. We took kitty to the home of Mr Gorgeous where we were given kitty food and kitty litter and a tray. kitty is a very good kitty and has used the litter tray.. yay for good kitties!

kitty seems to have becom attached to me and won't leave me alone. I have to watch where I put my feet when walking because kitty likes to prance along in between them. right now he/she is purring on my lap.. has in fact not stopped purring since pouncing on us in the walkway down the road.

I think kitty likes us.