Sunday, November 07, 2004

Floral Surprise

I am a lover of all things cactus. I have collected a variety of cacti over the years and now and then spend time creating my cactus gardens which reside on the front deck.
Some of my cacti have fallen victim to rot as a result of bad drainage and bad dirt, a problem which I have rectfied by mixing soils and changing positions and purchasing new pots.
One of the cacti suffering from rot last year had several pups which appeared to be in good health and so I chopped them off and sat them on some soil before disposing of the mother. The pups eventually grew roots and starting growing - yay!! I kind of forgot about them and left them to fend for themselves, intending to re-pot them "one day".
On arriving home from taking Amarina to school on Tuesday, Bonnie bounded up the stairs before me and started exclaiming about flowers - this is the sight with which I was greeted upon ascending the stairs to the deck: