Monday, January 31, 2005

whoops I forgot to have another rant about the real estate

While Mr House Owner was here fixing the deck and painting Amarina's bedroom ceiling I asked him if the real estate had mentioned to him that the bathroom drains were blocked ... surprise surprise no they had not! I was very very angry and said that I had been telling them for months that my children are unable to use the bath because when they pull the plug the drain in the middle of the floor turns into a geyser and the bathroom floods. Mr House Owner went under the house and said that he could feel the inspection thingamies but it was too dark to see anything and as he had no torch on him and my torch bulb had blown and the neighbour had no torch, he was unable to see anything useful and so will be coming back to fix that up as well as paint the hall ceiling.

I have SO HAD IT with the useless real estate agent - I don't know why Mr House Owner doesn't give the real estate the flick and rent privately - they pay the real estate to keep an eye on things and they don't relay anything of importance and don't check that the house is structurally sound!