Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dreaming Oddities

I always have very bizarre dreams and thought I would post a couple from recent nights.

Monday night: My older Polish neighbour suddenly went into labour despite having shown no signs of pregnancy and being a mother of several adults. I delivered the baby with the help of the boyfriend and unfortunately it was all very graphic, but I did all the right things, even taking the cord from around the baby's neck before delivering the rest of it. It was a very cute baby boy and it turned out the baby's father was Alan Dale - the former kiwi actor who played Jim on Neighbours years ago.

Tuesday night: I was in a very strange city with the boyfriend - we were walking what appeared to be streets but there were boats suspended in the "air" at different levels and it became apparent that we were under water but had no difficulty breathing. I was wating for someone to bring me my whale which was going to come swimming along shortly to see me when I suddenly had severe toothache. I told the boyfriend I had to go to the dentist, but on the way the tooth started to come loose. I exclaimed to the boyfriend about the tooth being loose and then it came out. I found myself in front of a mirror and while inspecting the gap was horrified to find that my two top front teeth had also come out - there was another two teeth making an appearance in their place, but I also had an extra two rows of teeth starting to come through behind my normal teeth - like shark's teeth. I freaked out a little and then said to myself "hang on, this is just too bizarre, I'm always having dreams about freaky shit happening to my teeth so that bit has to be a dream - fair enough one tooth coming out, but not the other two and these extra rows, that's just not happening" - it didn't occur to me that it didn't make sense having only part of it being a dream but anyway, I made my mouth go back to normal except for the gap where the first tooth came out and then I went to look for my boyfriend and my whale.