Friday, April 01, 2005

The hole in my laundry floor:

The fix-it man is going to put a new piece of board in the hole - to be fixed properly, the kitchen cupboards and stove would have to be removed and more board replaced, but what homeowner wants to go to that expense... so the minimum fixage will take place and the rest will be left to dry out - which will take weeks. The fix-it man is going to put some more supports underneath the house to hold the floor up while it dries out.

A plumber is coming this afternoon to see if he can rig up a hot water system away from The Hole for the weekend - so we *should* have hot water for the weekend until the floor is fixed properly - it needs to be re-cemented and re-tiled before the system can be properly in place. This means that while we *should* have hot water, we won't have use of the laundry due to restriction of space. yay.