Sunday, April 10, 2005

The House That We Built

Henhouse, that is:

After a lot of time, sweat and swearing, we built an aviary! I have an inspection in eleven days and so have to tidy up the front of the aviary and make it look as natural as possible. The ground slopes a fair bit down there - we had to dig out a rather biggish hole to allow the door to open - so I have to pretty it up in order to stave off complaints fromt eh real estte. yes yes I know that permission should be sought BEFORE the construction of such things, but really, this way is much easier - and it makes that whole side of the house look SO much better than before - it was a damp mossy wasteland prior to the construction!

I am thinking that I will dig down further in front of the door and lay some pavers that I have hanging about and then grade the ground towards them so that it looks like a natural slope instead of a big dug out hole.

Chicken is very happy in her new home and will be even happier when I've modified the inside to make it homier for her. She really needs a chicken-friend as she gets lonely and craves attention. Chicken is really quite cute following us about and flying up onto our shoulders cheeping madly.

Edit (8pm):- I laid some pavers in front of the door and even though it's a bit bodgy and uneven I think it looks brilliant. I couldn't take a picture because my camera batteries are all flat so they are charging and will be ready tomorrow. I am thinking of putting some planters in front of the aviary beside the paving bit - I have some rectangular planters on the front deck for my cacti - but the cacti won't survive out the side as it is too shady so I'll be off to the garden centre this week to get some hardy little plants to pretty it up.