Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The nicest room in the house
is the laundry, because there is no junk in it and it has a lovely new floor. Well it is yet to be finished, but it will be all done tomorrow morning and I will post a pic. The new tiles are much, much lovelier than the horrid tiny brown things that were there before and that remain in the bathroom and toilet (I wonder if I can convince the owner's to re-do the rest to match?).

The plumber was supposed to come today and fix up the new hot water system as it has extenders on the pipes and electrical wires to allow it to have been placed on the other side of the room for the weekend - but he didn't arrive or call, so I don't know when that will be done.

I am very, very tired of not having my house to myself, so I can only imagine how the tradesman feels about having to spend so much time at my place!

I can't help but question the owner's decision to go to the considerable expense of re-flooring over the top of wet, rotting floor boards - only a small piece was replaced and being chipboard, it is only going to get worse and amount to a much larger expense further down the track. ah well, I guess my place is only to pay off their mortgage and not to worry about the future of the dwelling.